Elena Viletti

Senti come mi batte forte il tuo cuore


Elena Viletti

Everything is inside that name: Spazio Lena.

Aunt Lena lived within these walls. Here she lived, ran her fabric shop, welcomed her friends, acquaintances, passers-by asking for a hot meal, her family. Here stories have passed, people, cups of tea, tobacco, fire in the fireplace, ideas … Here the hours often spent together with her niece. Above all to her. To Elena. A part of Elena has always lived here, that’s why Aunt Lena left this place to her, so that her niece could keep it alive with her own energies.

Therefore, this Space was born – and now lives – in which Elena creates her works and exposes them. In the exhibition part everything changes on the spur of the inspirations, the situations, the periods of the year, historical moments, motions of the soul. The only fixed point is Aunt Lena’s huge photograph, which still welcomes those who cross the threshold of what was her shop and where you can now admire Elena’s ceramic sculptures. Here they take shape and find space, objects, thoughts, artistic expressions that are always new, that come together with people who stop for a chat, a coffee, a glass of wine shared behind the windows.

Each sculpture is always a unique piece.

In the back rooms, behind the exhibition, everything is always the same.

The stove turned on in winter, the usual friends who laugh aloud, the clay that takes shape between the fingers. It is full of objects, Spazio Lena: ceramics, photographs, notes hanging from the fridge, ropes, fabrics, tools, woods, paintings, yet space never seems to be missing. Sometimes a few passers stops fascinated and asks to take some pictures. Elena answers with a smile and a cup of coffee.

Here, therefore, in this welcoming and vital atmosphere, Elena Viletti shapes her sculptures. Nature is the master: fish, birds, plants above all, those that Aunt Lena knew how to grow wisely and that Elena still knows how to cultivate skillfully, but not as much as she would like. “Do not water” is born like this: a never-ending series of succulents made of refractory earth. The glazes composed with oxides are made and mixed at the time, filtered only by experience and never according to a pre-established recipe.

Nature, as well as inspiring, is also one of Elena’s priorities, which tries as much as possible to avoid toxic and polluting products for the environment.Together with the “giardinetti / little gardens” – this is their common name – fish, roses, owls, fruits emerge. They are not just reproductions, they are ideas. Next to a basket of colorful apples, a sign reads: “a fake apple a day removes all imaginary diseases around”.

credits: http://www.lxr-interiors.com/Talents/

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